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The Happy Times Of 2024 (Photos And Videos)

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Memorial Day In Gloucester With Family!

Andi Dancing At Bush Gardens!

Using Sparklers To Celebrate!

Basketball Practice!

More Basketball Practice


Alec At The High School Prom!

Nolan’s Beach Walk With A Bird!

Nolan’s Amazon Fire Stick!

Andi’s “Happy Grandparents Day” Performance #1!

Andi’s “Happy Grandparents Day” Performance #2!

Bike Rides Of 2024 (Marshmallows)

Lilly At St. Patrick’s Day Parade In Pittsburgh!

Beavers Blocking Burke’s Mill Pond Feeder!

The 2024 QuiltCon In Raleigh, N.C.!

View A YouTube Guide On Quilts!

Andi Valentine’s Day Wish To All!

Super Bowl 2024!

Alec Swim

Mary Makes A Hole In One Shot!

Nolan Action Videos!


Nolan Drives Drives All Court To Score!

Nice Jump Shot!

Another Nice Shot!

Watching The Shot Go In!

Basketball Shot!

Scoring In Basketball Game!

Making A Layup In A Game!

At Basketball Practice!


Nolan Driving The Golf Cart

Nolan Long Shot!

Golf Swing 1

Golf Swing 2

Golf Swing 3

Nolan Jumping On Huge Air Bubble!


Latest Snowfall In Marlinton WV!

Kyle’s Rug Creations On YouTube!

View Creation 1

View Creation 2


Ice Forming On Burke’s Mill Pond!

K’S Practice Video-Warning (Occasional Fowl Language)?!


We Are Always A “Work In Progress”.


World News!