The Happy Times During The Year Of 2023

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And Continue Back Through The Year 2023!

The 2023 Photo Gallery From The Present Back To January 2023

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***Newest Photos Gallery 1

The Most Recent Photos

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Gallery 1 (July 1st Through December 31st 2023)

Newest Entries:

Merry Christmas To All!

The Sharp Family Visit To Gloucester, Va.!

Oyster Roast 2023 At The Havens Resort!

Halloween 2023!

Pumpkin Carving And Dinner/Desert At K3’s!

Lilly In Halloween Parade!

Lilly And The All-Star Soccer Team!

Happy Birthday Andi!

Halloween Decorations And Parade In Gloucester!

Outdoorsman Triathlon 2023 (The Nations Oldest Continuing Triathlon)!

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Earlier Photos Of This Year

Gallery 2 (January 1 Through June 30th 2023)

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Anne And Mary’s Happy Birthday Candles!

Joe And Christine’s Christmas Tree!

Bob At The Family Reunion In Gloucester!

Nolan In 2nd Grade Chorus For Veterans Day!

Lilly In Costume At Halloween Parade

Halloween In Gloucester Main Street!

Lilly Practicing Foot Control Of The Soccer Ball!

Lilly Practicing Soccer Ball Goal Shooting!

A Wonderful Way To Start A School Day!

Nolan “Basketball” “Foot Stomp” “Wave Stomp” !

Andi And Mom Singing At Concert!

Nolan’s Classmates Celebrate His Birthday At School!

Don – Christy – Kyle And Katrina Fishing In Gloucester!

Holland Visits The Virginia Cottage With Grandma And Grandpa!

Holland The Tree Climber!

Holland Looking For What’s In The Hut!

Holland At The Beach!

Happy Birthday Holland!

The “Boogaloo” Armed Men Challenge The Sheriff’s Office In Gloucester Va.

Elvis And Patsy Concert In Gloucester, Va.

Don/Kyle/Katrina/Fishing/Boating On The York River

Nolan Practices Gymnastics

Ducks Visit Burke’s Mill After Storm

Ducks Visit After Storm

Ducks Go Back To The Water

Nolan Dancing In Myrtle Beach

Nolan’s Dance Steps!

More Nolan Dance Steps!

June 21st Wind Storm At Burke’s Mill Pond

Back Yard Wind Video Just At Start Of Storm!

Front Yard Wind Storm Video Just After Storm!


Beaverdam Canoe Jam 2023!

Start Of The Short Course


Memorial Day Weekend!

Andi Bowling With Nolan And Jackie

Memorial Day Hoops Shooters Playing Defense!

Jackie On Defense

Nolan On Defense

Virginia Beach Tree Climber Holland In Action!

Holland Climb 1        Holland Climb 2       Holland Climb 3


Police Celebration Day Ride Through Gloucester!

Nolan’s First Grade Science Project!

Nolan School Fun Run!

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Andi Singing In The Prekindergarten Chorus!

Andi Singing Again In The Prekindergarten Chorus!

Nolan Exercises!

Nolan Practicing Homemade Jumping Hurdles!

Nolan Practicing More Indoor Hurdle Jumping!

Making A Jump Shot!

Nolan Makes Another Jump Shot!

Jackie-Birthday-“Through The Years”Nolan Makes Foul Shot

Nolan Dancing At The MB Wax MuseumNolan Dancing At The Pittsburgh Wax Museum

Sarah-Alec-Jackie-Andi Visit Punta Cana (Dom-Republic)

The Rope Slide-Andi

Punta Cana-Food

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