The Happy Times During The Year Of 2023

We Are Starting With The Newest Photos And

And Continue Back Through The Year 2023!

The 2023 Photo Gallery From The Present Back To January 2023

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Newest Additions To The Gallery Are:

Memorial Day Weekend At

Burke’s Mill Pond In Gloucester Va.

Andi’s First Time Fly Fishing

Virginia Beach Family Of Friends

Lilly’s Birthday Celebration

Jon’s Birthday Celebration In Pennsylvania

2023 Azaleas At Burke’s Pond

***Repairs At Burke’s Mill Pond Dam***

Bike Riding To The Yorktown Coffee Shop

Daffodil Festival 2023 With D/C And All

Andi In The Prekindergarten Chorus

Lilly At Carnegie Museum Of Art In Pittsburgh

Nolan’s First Grade Basketball Team

Don And Christy Visit The Gloucester Garden Show

China’s Spy Balloon (Over Myrtle Beach) Shot Down

Vultures Invade Burksmill Pond

Lilly’s 100th Day Of School Project

 The Wax Museum In MB

Lilly Practices Climbing

The First Group Bike Ride In 2023

Uncategorized Photos In 2023-Always Adding New Entries

***The Dec. 2022 S-A-J-A Punta Cana Trip***

All Of Our 2023 Videos!

Memorial Day Weekend!

Andi Bowling With Nolan And Jackie

Memorial Day Hoops Shooters Playing Defense!

Jackie On Defense

Nolan On Defense

Virginia Beach Tree Climber Holland In Action!

Holland Climb 1        Holland Climb 2       Holland Climb 3


Police Celebration Day Ride Through Gloucester!

Nolan’s First Grade Science Project!

Nolan School Fun Run!

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Andi Singing In The Prekindergarten Chorus!

Andi Singing Again In The Prekindergarten Chorus!Nolan Practicing Homemade Jumping Hurdles!

Nolan Practicing More Indoor Hurdle Jumping!


Making A Jump Shot!

Nolan Makes Another Jump Shot!

Jackie-Birthday-“Through The Years”Nolan Makes Foul Shot

Nolan Dancing At The MB Wax MuseumNolan Dancing At The Pittsburgh Wax Museum

Sarah-Alec-Jackie-Andi Visit Punta Cana (Dom-Republic)

The Rope Slide-Andi

Punta Cana-Food

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