The Happy Times During The Year Of 2022

We Are Starting With The Newest Photos And

And Continue Back Through The Year 2022!

The 2022 Photo Gallery From The Present Back To January 2022

Note***To See The 2022 Videos  Scroll Down Past The Gallery***

Newest Additions To The Gallery Are:

***Merry Christmas To All (A Work In Progress)

Oyster Roast 2022 At K’3s

Halloween On Main Street In Gloucester, Va.

2022 Pumpkin Carving Contest At The K3’s

Andi (Disney World) And Lilly (Superhero)

Bellamy Cemetery Cleanup With Don and Christy

Ed And Jim Visit Joe and Christine At Marlinton WV On The GR-Trail

Lilly At Seneca Rocks And Blackwater Falls – West Virginia

‘Sarah And Friends/Family” Visit Annapolis Md.

“2022 Beaverdam Canoe Jam” At Beaverdam Park

“Having Fun On Lake Marion” In South Carolina

Memorial Day Celebration” At Burke’s Mill Pond

                        Previous Additions: Rob And Tammy Lake Tahoe – Nancy At Arlington – Zoey’s First Communion – More Lilly – Our VB Buddies – Azaleas At Burke’s Pond – Lilly And Nolan – Lilly Belize – Snow – Other Stuff

***Special Note: This Gallery Has “3 Pages” and Moves From Recent To Past Events Of 2022!

Videos Of 2022 (Most Recent To Past)

Elizabethan Gardens With Karla And Kade

Andi Playing Guitar In School!

Nolan’s First Grade And Performing In “Elflandia” For Christmas!

Alec High School Swim Meet (Look For Red Cap)

Marlinton West Va. Visit To Joe And Christine!

Ed’s Visits Amazing Water Bucket In Marlinton WV!

Jackson On Defense/Offense (Football)!

Watch Jackie’s Team (Cumberland Valley) Play In Superbowl!

Jackie’s Superbowl Interception 1

Jackie’s Superbowl Interception 2

Some Of Jackie’s Other Game Videos

Jackie Tips Pass To Himself And Intercepts!

Jackie Intercepts Pass And Runs!

Jackie Blocks Pass!

Jackie Makes Tackle!

Jackie Catches Pass And Runs!

A Few Of Don And Christy’s Favorites!

A Smoking Hot Pumpkin

Sunny Goes Swimming For First Time!

Andi – Lilly And Nolan Adventures!

Andi Happy Birthday Thank You!

Andi Visits The “LIVE” Tree In Disney World!

Nolan’s Campfire!

Nolan On Trampoline

Nolan Practicing A Back Flip!

Andi And Nolan Swim Practice

Nolan Fly Fishing!

Nolan The Magician

Lilly (On Dog Patrol)

Lilly Has A Way To Keep Dogs Under Control!

Danni Knott (New Battalion Cadet Commander)

Danni Accepts Award!

She Is Ed’s Beaverdam Canoe Jam Partner

Gaga In Water Battle

Gaga Escapes

Gaga’s Revenge

Joe’s Memorial Day Water Faucet Creation

Watch Water Faucet And Bucket Closely

Watch Faucet Closely

Nolan And Daddy At Water Park

First Slide

Second Slide

Jackie’s Youth Basketball Team Wins Playoffs In Overtime!

Watch Video On You Tube (Click Here)

Andi Learning To Swim And Use Sprinkler


Andi Using The Sprinkler

Nolan’s Class Doing The MJ-Suffle


Nolan Shooting A Basketball


UJ’s Birthday Wishes

UJ’s Birthday Wish From Andi

UJ’s Birthday Wish From Nolan

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Memorial Day 2021 (Without Covid)

Beaverdam Canoe Jam 2021 (Post Pandemic)

   Gloucester Art Festival Statues 2021

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