Ernie And The 2021 Jamestown Triathlon

Ernie Schillinger (Age 90) And Often Referred To As “Opa”

Completed The  Sprint Triathlon In Jamestown

Triathlon: 750 Meter Swim; 20K Bike; 5K Run

He Is An Inspiration To Everyone Who Knows Him!

See Pictures Of The Start-Swim-Bike-Run and Awards Below:

Also, His Biking Trainers From “Team Lunacy”

Who Train Him Every Thursday!

Ernie Was Interviewed For News Coverage As Well!

Open Using The Photo Below:

Ernie Also Won In 2019-See Award-Reward Below

His Biking Group “Team Lunacy” Was A Big Help In His Training

While Taking Breaks And Resting!

While Riding Or Golfing In Dangerous Places!

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