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Joe’s West Virginia Picture Video Of John Denver’s

 “Almost Heaven-West Virginia Song”

Jackson Demonstrates A Basketball Reverse Layup

Nolan At The Myrtle Beach Water Park

Happy Birthday Popa Sam!

Other Friends-Family Videos

Lilly The Monster Fighter And The Marshmallow Warriors

Watch “N’s” Preschool Christmas Hokey Pokey Dance

Run “A” Run (Watch A Run!)

See Our Favorite Hockey Player Score!

Nolan’s Makes a “cool” Shoe Dismount 

Lilly The Monster Fighter In Training

Lilly Anne Sings Old McDonald With Grampa

Andi and Daddy Laughing

Lilly Anne on Face-time

 Joe Fire Starting For Survival

Joe Fire Starting At Seneca State Forest

Making Popcorn

Logan’s Perfect Seesaw Ride

Beaver Dam At Burke’s Mill Pond

OOPS! GoPro Bike Crash 

Catching The Bait!

Logan’s Chop Chop Maneuvers

Canoe Jam

Christine’s Christmas Tree

Dons -Bubbles-Sunny

Beaverdam Paddle jam 2017

Lilly and Grampa Sing “Row Row Your Boat”

Great Uncle Sam blowing Bubbles

Aaron and Lilly ride in a Park


Alex Recital

Jack Recital

Lilly Anne Looking At Toys Spinning

Nolan Laughing “A happy Laughing Boy!”

 A and J “Happy Snow Boys”

Joe Snow Biking

Kade’s Polyethylene Chemistry Presentation

His Voice (Paul)

Other Favorites For Everyone

Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros

Evolution Of Dance

Greatest Catch!

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

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