NCAA 2018 Tournament (Picks And Results)

                             Family/Friends 2018 NCAA Final Four Picks 

This Was The Last Winner For The Nearly 30 Year Pick-um Contests with Family/Friends

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1. Christine: Villanova,WVU,Kentucky,Duke,Gonzaga
2. Lissy: Duke,Florida State,Kansas,Kentucky,WVU
3. Joe: North Carolina,Duke,WVU,Seton Hall,Texas A&M
4. Kirk: Villanova,Duke,N.C.,Kentucky,Tennessee
5. Karla: Villanova,Michigan St.,Duke,N.C.,Baylor
6. Kade: Villanova,Duke,N.C.,Miami (Fl.),Florida St.
7. Ed: Villanova,Xavier,Gonzaga,Seton Hall,Creighton
8. Hames: Duke,Texas A&M,WVU,Virginia,Kansas
9. Don: Xavier,TCU,Kansas,Baylor,Seton Hall
10.Christy: Xavier,Tennessee,Cincinnati,Texas Tech,Creighton
11.WL: Duke,N.C.,Kentucky,Tennessee,Cincinnati
12.Cole (J): Duke,Texas A&M,Virginia,Oklahoma,N.C.
13.Lindsey: Arizona St.,Duke,Texas A&M,Oklahoma,Baylor
14.Rob: Clemson,Kentucky,Gonzaga,Xavier,WVU
15.Sam: Virginia,DUKE,West VA,Xavier,Gonzaga
**16.Jackson: Villanova, Duke, Kansas, MSU, and WVU
**17.Alec: Villanova, Purdue, Virginia, Duke, Kansas
18.Ben: Villanova, Duke, Oklahoma U, MSU, Xavier
19.Karly: Villanova, NC, Arizona, Virginia, Purdue
20.Nolan: Villanova, Oklahoma U, Purdue, Xavier, WV
21.Gaga: Oklahoma U, Villanova, Duke, NC, Virginia
22.Papa: Villanova, Duke, Gonzaga, Virginia, Purdue
23.Andrea: Virginia, Gonzaga, Duke, Kentucky, Arizona
24.Vince: Villanova, Auburn, Virginia, WVU, NC
25.Sarah: Duke, Villanova, WVU, Oklahoma U, Virginia
26.Eileen: Arizona, Gonzaga, WVU, Ohio State, North Carolina
27.Kalani: Virginia,Duke,Villanova,Purdue,Michigan State
28.Zach: Virginia,North Carolina,Villanova,Gonzaga,Arizona
29.Eric: Purdue, Oklahoma, xavier, louisville, Rhode Island
30.Sandee: Ohio State, Villanova, Kansas, Virginia, Michigan
31.Caroline: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Ohio State, Kansas
32.Cole (P): Villanova, Arizona, Florida, Duke, Wichita State.
33.Douglas: Villanova,Arizona St.,Texas A&M, WVU,Virginia
34.Linda: Michigan St.,Duke,Xavier,Witchita St,TCU
35.Smoky: Michigan St.,Texas A&M,Witchita St.Kansas,Purdue
36.Gabby: Duke,WVU,TCU,N.C. Miami(Fl)
37.Silver: Arizona St.,Xavier,Virginia,Kanas,Purdue
38.Aaron: Virginia,Duke,Xavier,Michigan State,Cincinnati
39.Melody: Villanova,Purdue,Arizona,Gonzaga,Kansas
40.Lilly Anne: Villanova,Virginia,Purdue,Duke,Auburn
41.David: Villanova, UVA, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Kansas
42.Laurie: UVA, Xavier, U Florida, Clemson, Auburn
*43.Logan: Villanova, UVA, Michigan, Cincinnati, Auburn
*44.Kyla: Villanova, Cincinnati, Duke, Oklahoma, Texas Tech
45.O.T.: Villanova, Virginia, Kansas, Kentucky, Florida St.
46.Bob: Villanova; Virginia; Duke; Kansas; Cincinnati
47.Lilly: Duke; Purdue,Michigan State,Saint Mary’s,Auburn
48.Anne: Xavier,Wichita State,Gonzaga,Michigan State,Villanova
49.Owen: Duke,Oklahoma,Villanova,Kansas ,Michigan state
50.Tam: Virginia,Texas tech,Auburn,Witchita state,Clemsos

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